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Alexis Bonner

Praise and Worship Leader

"I’m honored to have been called into the ministry of worship, and it is with joy in my heart that I answer that call. Through the ministry of music, I’m reaching people in whatever way they need to be reached, whether that be a conviction, comfort, understanding, or learning to worship. Music can make us comfortable and more willing to show emotions. That’s my goal, to bring the generation and all who are willing to listen, to a vulnerable safe place where we can confess, vent, smile, laugh, cry, and call out to the Almighty Yeshua. (Jesus)"


Hunter Bonner II.

Praise and Worship Team Member

"Shalom.  My name is Robin Griffin, and I have been with Bethel Temple Fellowship for many years now and have been blessed in many ways.  I have come to know everyone at Bethel Temple Fellowship as family as we all are in Hashem's family to those who believe in Yeshua. The ministry at BTF has helped my family and I to build a strong foundation that only comes through Yeshua.  My first assignment was to teach in the children ministry, and as our late beloved Rabbi once stated, "When one gets promoted we all get promoted in the service of Adonai."  The work I do as Treasurer in submission to the L-rd is the very reason I'm able to serve in the church.  It is truly a blessing!"

"Being a praise and worship team member is an honor and privilege, and means everything to me. Our soul purpose in life is to worship God by lifting His name up on high with all of our being, by making a joyful noise unto Yeshua."


Robin Griffin


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Our Founders

Rabbi Linda and Pastor Bob Gutierrez

Rabbi Linda Gutierrez and Pastor Bob Gutierrez founded Bethel Temple Fellowship.  Pastor Bob Gutierrez is the elder of our congregation.  Together with his wife, Rabbi Linda, his ministry experience spans over 50 years.  Through song and testimony, Pastor Bob has reached thousands of people with the message of salvation and healing.  His planting of a seed, flourished into the formation of Bethel Temple Fellowship.  Pastor Bob is a source of wisdom and inspiration of a true servant of the L-rd.

1 Timothy 5:17 - "The leaders who lead well should be considered worthy of double honor, especially those working hard at communicating the Word and at teaching."

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