Purim - Lots

February 27, 2021 @ 3pm

The festival of "Purim" is a special time to remember the redemption of G-d's people from the wicked hands of Haman.

The book of Esther tells of the Israelite's exile into Persia.  While there, a wicked man named Haman, plots to kill all the Jewish people.  In effect, a Holocaust against G-d's people.

G-d places Esther in a pivotal role as the Queen of Persia.  She instructs everyone to fast and pray that G-d may deliver them from the wicked plot of Haman.

Purim is a time that we remember not just the redemption of G-d's children from death, but that Yeshua (Jesus) redeems us from death (hell) through the sacrifice of His body for us.  We can and are delivered through Him!