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Jews Have Returned to Jefferson

The storied history of Jews in Jefferson, TX is well documented and is part of the unique identity of this city.  The house of worship for the former Hebrew Sinai Congregation still stands today as a reminder that the Jews of Jefferson valued worship unto Adonai and valued the community of Jefferson.

It has been nearly a century since the synagogue in Jefferson, TX last held religious services.  Now, Jews once again have returned to the city!  The congregation of Bethel Temple Fellowship, is excited to be a part of this historic event of once again, holding religious services in this synagogue. 


On June 13, 2020 at 10am, we will hold a dedication service to dedicate this building to the sole purpose of worshiping G-d.  We are happy to be here, a part of this community, fulfilling the purpose that Adonai has purposed in our hearts!


Jefferson Synagogue c.1900

Immediately following the dedication we are having a dinner and fellowship.  Any donation would be greatly appreciated to help with this event.

You can visit our donations page here.

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